An experienced and versatile lead / senior software engineer with over 20 years’ professional experience building software. A proven track record delivering multiple successful projects within large enterprise and to the NHS and UK Government.

A recent focus on building cloud native microservices around Azure, Kubernetes, and Kafka (I am a Confluent Certified Kafka Developer)

• API development – microservices with ASP.NET Core and Docker. Container orchestration with Kubernetes and Docker Swarm.
• Kafka – event streaming with consumer/producer API using .NET Confluent library. Configuration of Kafka connectors. KSQL.
• DevOps – CI/CD with Azure DevOps. Mulit-stage YAML build and release pipelines into Azure, Kubernetes, Swarm, and on prem (IIS). Infrastructure as code with Bicep and ARM templates.
• Azure – experience of multiple Azure products including Kubernetes Service, API management, Event Hubs, B2C, Cosmos DB, Key Vault, Container Registry, App Services, App Innsights. Good understanding of using Azure in large organisations – Subscriptions, Resource Groups, RBAC.
• Architecture – creation and documentation of system designs. API design with Swagger.
• Web – single page applications with React and Blazor, Javascript tooling (WebPack, NPM, Angular CLI, Jasmine), Other frameworks/libraries (Durandal, Knockout)
• Other – Agile, Automated testing. DVCS with Git and Mercurial. Federated Identity with SAML2, WS-Fed, OpenID Connect.